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              Demetrick C. Watts I                                  Demetrick C. Watts II













                                                                                                          Barbara Newman (Mom)














               A Humanitarian




The youngest of six children, born in Los Angeles, CA., at birth a chubby fellow with a smile that

never faded, no matter what obstacles he faced.  He was raised by his parents with a background

of Christian values and principles.


His education started  from elementary through high schools in the Los Angeles Unified School district.

He graduated from Susan B. Miller Dorsey High School in 1990, where he became a star player “#60”

with the position of Defensive End and Defensive Lineman under the dedicated training of Coach Paul

Knox; the team was called Dorsey Don Posse. Because of his passion, humor, and size the players

adopted a nickname for Demetrick, “Demeat”.  He was a significant player on this team and assisted them

in winning the championship in 1989-90; football at that point really became his passion. 


He attended Southwest College and subsequently went to Sonoma University in Northern California where  

he majored in Criminology and Physical Education.  After the two years in college, he settled to start his family. Because of his humanitarian qualities, this was the life he lived and shared with everyone he came in contact with regardless of age. He selflessness served his family, church and community well.  He had a unique way and sense of humor that lifted the sad and brokenhearted person.  He was an educational advocate and instilled these values in his children.  In 2008, never giving up his passion for football, he became coach of the Fontana Trojans.  He built this team in his community which consisted of young boys of all ages, and mentored them to be aggressive, set high educational goals, and motivated them to enhance their athletic football skills.  Furthermore, he provided transportation, uniforms and gear for the team.  His hope for the youth was to avoid the life of the streets and strive for a successful life, stay focused, and maintain positive goals.  


When he relocated to Riverside, CA., Demetrick maintained his humanitarian status within Corona Community AME, under the leadership of his high school peer, Charles Lee Johnson.  There he served where needed as a youth school teacher while never abandoning his humanitarian gift; his phenomenal approach with the youth and adults was outstanding.  Because his humanitarian life goal was to serve and increase the support for high school students entering into college, this Humanitarian Scholarship Fund was established to honor his legacy and assist our youth as he so desire during his lifetime.


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