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Step 1

Applicant must be referred by a community member, school representative, or may self-apply as a student with current humanitarian efforts such as community service, outreach, ministry or other social assistive efforts. While the goal of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to academically apt students meeting minimum 2.5 GPA requirements, humanitarism as a quality of the applicant is germane to the foundational purpose.

Application Process

Step 2


​Applicant can download an application by clicking button below or  request an application packet by email at,  or by calling our offices at 877-319-4440 which will then be mailed or emailed to the applicant. Application must then complete application in its entirety and submit by the deadline contained within the instructions. Incomplete applications WILL NOT be considered.

Step 3

The Applications Review Board will review

all applications and make a recipient determination and notify the awarded recipient via mail. Selection will be based on:


   1.  Applicant Academic/Extracurricular

   2.  Essay

   3.  Letters of Recommendation


Applicants are encouraged to wait patiently for decision date and to not contact WHSF or its affiliates for application status or determination. Applicants who did not meet the qualifications for a WHSF award, are  encouraged to reapply the following year..

Step 4

Pursue your goals! Be vigilant and persistence! Defeat procrastination! MAKE A CHANGE!

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