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When your works are committed to helping others there is no way you can lose. WHSF is a California Nonprofit Organizations whose efforts are supported and executed by the constiuents of the community who volunteer their time and talent. WHSF has many events and projects to which persons of all ages can contribute and get involved contact us at for more information on how you can be apart of a winning team!



WHSF encourges students to be involved with the organizations community efforts. Many of our applicants enter the pool and become aquainted through our organization through prior volunteer works. WHSF welcomes students to be apart of our Peer 2 Peer network consisting of mentorship opprtunities, tutoring, and other ways to help fellow students.


WHSF highly values all educators and is extremely grateful to have our team comprised of some of the best. Opportunities from workshop leadership, consultantship or simply being another great contributing mind to WHSF's efforts are always open to educators wanting to be involved with our humanitarian works. 



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